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Join the public consultation on the EU Urban Water Agenda 2030!
Join the public consultation on the EU Urban Water Agenda 2030!
13 syyskuu 2017 - 10:31

The European Commission is inviting Covenant of Mayors cities to provide their input on the development of the new EU Urban Water Agenda 2030.

The Urban Water Agenda 2030 will be a new component in the European Union's ambitious water policy, which aims to achieve a good status of all water bodies, and make public authorities better prepared for extreme weather events (e.g. storms, floods, droughts). Furthermore, the Urban Water Agenda seeks to enable local governments to accelerate the implementation of local policies and practices for sustainable urban water management.

It acknowledges the essential role of cities in water resources management, and is an initiative that aims to encourage, support and enable local governments and their water utilities to take voluntary action for complementing Member States' efforts to meet EU water policy.

A major stepping stone in establishing the European Urban Water Agenda 2030 will be the conference "Mayors and Water", which will take place on the 29th of September 2017 in the Covenant signatory city Porto. Linked to this conference, Covenant cities are invited to show their support for ambitious action in the field of EU water policy by signing the Porto declaration. Once a city has sent a signed copy of the declaration to, it will appear on the website of the Urban Water Agenda 2030 as a supporting city in October 2017.   

The public consultation on the Urban Water Agenda 2030 is open for input until 9 October 2017. Interested cities are cordially invited to respond through this link.

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