• 24 Jan 2019

    Metropolitan Area of Barcelona 2030 roadmap: Towards carbon neutrality and self-sufficiency

    The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB, Covenant of Mayors Coordinator) recently released its 2030 roadmap for climate and energy transition, putting itself on track to reach the EU commitment made as part of the Paris Agreement in 2016.

    This energy and climate plan, published in September 2018, includes:

    • a Carbon Management Strategy,

    • a Roadmap for Energy Transition

    • and a Climate Change Adaptation Plan.


    The Climate and Energy Plan 2030 focuses on climate change and climate-related impacts on the region. It also establishes a roadmap for the energy transition to lower dependence on fossil fuels. Thanks to this plan, the metropolitan area should become progressively more carbon-neutral and take on the goals of energy self-sufficiency.

    To achieve this, 92 actions have been planned: structural, such as promoting renewable energy sources, governance-related, such as raising citizens’ awareness, but also technical and policy-related. These actions will take place at different levels: metropolitan, municipal and institutional. AMB also identified a set of key actions in the field of emission reduction, energy efficiency, renewables, water management, heat impact reduction and awareness raising. Such actions are currently being implemented or will be given priority during the period 2018 - 2021.

    In order to ensure coordination between the different actors involved, but also to foster the participation of all the community, AMB will hold regular meetings with all stakeholders both internally – with other AMB departments - but also with other public administrations, citizens, private sector, industry, etc

    The plan implementation will be monitored thanks to an annual follow-up report. This report will assess the targets and outcomes but also suggest improvements. A biennial revision report will propose modifications, updates or improvements in the targets but also inform on new studies on climate change and energy carried out by the AMB. Every 3 years, a convention will be held to invite all those involved in the Plan to evaluate progresses.

    You can access the full Climate and Energy plan 2030 on the website of AMB.

    Image Credits: AMB