• 16 Jan 2020

    Nature4Cities: tools, methods and guides to renature cities

    The environmental concept of Nature Based Solution (NBS) has recently been identified by the E.U. as a strategic frame to help the development of sustainable cities. Nature4Cities (N4C) is one of the two research program selected and funded by the European Union in order to build a common ground for “NBS & Re-Naturing Cities”, through the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

    Nature4Cities is developing a  platform to help answering the questions that policy makers, experts and citizens need to address when it comes to NBS, from the development of a project until its implementation and evaluation. The platform will help gathering knowledge about Nature Based Solutions and get inspiration from pioneer cities. It will support policy makers and professionnals (urban planners, architects, building constructors etc.)in the assesment of their NBS project from different perspective: quality of life, social acceptance, costs and benefits, life cycle analysis, choice of spots in the city and more.

    The initiative adapted existing assessment tools but also created new ones to allow for an integrated approach. For example, in order to allow for a swift implementation, Nature4Cites built some tools to support NBS projects holders in buidling successful relations with citizens, to choose a business and governance model and to interact with the inhabitant of the neighborhoods involved. These include, a Step-byStep guide for participatory & socially inclusive Nature Based Solutions projects and Citizen's Say, a tool that allows planning, structuring and managing collaboration and consultation processes and workflows, gathering data and analysing results.

    For more information, visit https://www.nature4cities.eu/